Leaving a permanent legacy for countless generations.

While most current members of the Foundation associate our land acquisition efforts with our ability to raise funds for individual purchases, many are surprised to learn that more than 75% of the land we own and manage was donated in whole or in part by nearly 300 individuals and families. Since 1963, their generosity and concern for the long term well-being of the Island and its fragile ecosystems has enabled the Foundation to preserve nearly a third of island as conservation land. These generous individuals, and the land donations that they made, may be found on our Land Donors page.

If you are interested in making a gift of land, please contact our President & CEO Cormac Collier  ccollier@nantucketconservation.org or (508) 228-2884

Some interesting facts about some of the land that has been donated to us:

  • The first property given to us by Frances C. Cook was less than an acre. (the Bird Sanctuary on North Beach Street near Jetties).
  • The largest single parcel donated was the 737 acre Milestone Cranberry Bog given to us by Walter Beinecke, The Larsen Family and the Nantucket Ornithological Association.  The smallest piece of land donated was the 0.1 acres in the heart of ‘Sconset Village to the east of the ‘Sconset Market known as Larsen Park.
  • The individual who donated the most land to the Foundation was Tabitha Krauthoff who gave over 600 acres during her lifetime.
  • The Nantucket Conservation Foundation now owns 214 separate parcels which total 9,003 acres or nearly 33% of Nantucket.