Research Collaborations

NBI Citizen Sci Weekened Beach Inverts July 2014 015

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Science and Stewardship Department focuses our work on research, inventory, and monitoring projects that provide an increased understanding of the rare resources found on our properties. Our research is used to make well-informed ecological management decisions, increase our understanding of the unique ecosystems on Nantucket and develop detailed management plans for the Foundation’s properties. As much research as we do ourselves, there are always more questions to ask!

We are excited to partner with outside researchers and encourage anyone interested in conducting independent or collaborative research or monitoring on Foundation property to contact us. Nantucket Conservation Foundation property is private property and we require that you submit a research proposal and obtain an authorized Research Agreement with us before proceeding with your project.

Please see our Research Agreement for instructions and contact information. 

Thank you for your interest!