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Medouie Beg3 330Deg Aug 31 2018

Salt Marshes and Coastal Resilience

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Karberg (NCF Research Program Supervisor)

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7:00 PM; Nantucket Atheneum Great Hall


The island of Nantucket is at the forefront of climate change and sea level rise impacts anticipated in the next few decades. But the island is also benefiting from local research and innovation on ways to adapt to these impacts. The natural beauty and resources of the island are one of the unique aspects that draws people to Nantucket and they are also one of the resources that will help buffer and protect the island from climate change impacts. This talk will explore the ecological function and benefits of Nantucket’s natural coastal buffers, particularly salt marshes and coastal dunes. Learn about local research and restoration aimed at improving salt marsh function and the role that salt marshes play in coastal resilience for Nantucket.


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