The Foundation’s Science and Stewardship Department undertakes focused research, inventory and monitoring projects aimed at providing increased understanding of the rare resources found on our properties. Listed below is a summary of the many subjects they are studying.

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Current Research

Northern Long-eared Bat Population Research

We are undertaking collaborative research aimed at gaining a better overall understanding of the island’s bat populations and, in particular, determining habitat use patterns of federally-threatened Northern Long-eared Bats breeding and wintering here.

Windswept Bog Wetland Restoration Project

We are working with staff from the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration Cranberry Bog Program and Fuss & O'Neill engineers to develop and implement wetland restoration plans for the retired Windswept Cranberry Bog and surrounding watershed.

Update of the Vascular Flora of Nantucket

We are collaborating to update The Vascular and Non-Vascular Flora of Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget Islands - the definitive list of Nantucket's local plant species, first published in 1996 and now outdated. 

Salt Marsh Resilience Research

We are investigating ways to understand and increase the natural resilience and ecological health of salt marshes.

Hither Creek Salt Marsh Overwash Monitoring

We are monitoring sand deposition and salt marsh vegetation response at the southern end of Hither Creek, where a severe storm in October 2017 washed over and flatted the coastal dune, spread sand onto the marsh surface marsh and partially filled in a salt pond.

Grassland Deer Browse Research

We are determining the impact of deer browse on desirable, native flowering plant species key to sandplain grassland and coastal heathland restoration within and outside of a 50m x 50m constructed deer browse exclosure on our Sanford Farm property. 

Expanded Disk Harrowing and Native Seed Addition Management in the Serengeti for Sandplain Grassland Restoration

We have expanded our habitat management work within the Serengeti portion of our Middle Moors properties to incorporate additional disk harrowing and native seed addition as a sandplain grassland restoration technique.

Spotted Turtle Population Monitoring

We are investigating long-term population trends and habitat use preferences of Spotted Turtles on several Foundation proprieties. This species is considered threatened, endangered or vulnerable throughout most of its range, but appears to be thriving on Nantucket. 

Ongoing Research and Monitoring

Completed Research