As the Foundation welcomes more people to our properties, the work of our Properties Maintenance Department has become increasingly important.

Our staff works on a year-round basis to maintain open trails and navigable roads in order to keep the Foundation’s properties both safe and enjoyable, as well as provide critical support for our ranger program.

Proper stewardship of over 9,000 acres of land includes installing and maintaining fences, signs, gates and parking areas, as well as diligently patrolling of our properties for misuse and areas in need of attention.

The Properties Maintenance team also tends to all of the Foundation’s buildings, vehicles and mowing equipment, and their impressive skills allow us to do almost all of this work in-house.

They also support our science department’s efforts in numerous ways, including implementing property management plans, cutting firebreaks, installing fencing to protect nesting shorebirds and undertaking invasive species management projects.

If you see something unusual or illegal happening on one of our properties, please email or give our office a call at 508-228-2884.

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