Sconset Dump

Sconset Dump Thumb

A former refuse area now home to rare species, this seldom visited area is located just west of the village of ‘Sconset off of Milestone Road.  Once used as the garbage dump for ‘Sconset, the area has been reclaimed and is now a productive wetland and home to many rare plant species.

The Foundation owns 331 acres of permanently-protected conservation land at this site. The majority of the property contains forested wetlands and shrub swamps interspersed with pockets of upland shrub habitat. Common species present include black tupelo, sassafras, red maple, black oak, high bush blueberry, sweet pepperbush, swamp azalea, and scrub oak. A narrow, meandering stream known as Phillips Run traverses the western portion of the property, draining the wetlands associated with the Milestone Cranberry Bog on the northern side of the Milestone Road down to Tom Nevers Pond on the south shore of the island. Prior to NCF ownership, a small area in the eastern portion of the property was used as a local dump. A horseshoe-shaped bulldozer scrape semi-circumnavigating the dump location was created sometime during the mid-1900’s, which now forms the boundary of a unique, albeit man-made wetland. The damp, exposed mineral soils at this site provide favorable conditions for multiple species of rare and endangered plants, including Mattamuskeet panic-grass, beaked pinweed, Torrey’s beaksedge, subulate bladderwort, tall nut-sedge, thread-leaved sundew, and foxtail clubmoss.

Mr. Walter Beinecke
The Larsen Fund
The Nantucket Ornithological Association