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Madequecham and Tom Nevers

A pastoral area with an excellent surf beach, the Foundation owns over 2,100 acres in the southeastern portion of Nantucket that contain some very unique geological features and natural communities. It was also an important settlement for early Native Americans.

Middle Moors

The largest of the Foundation’s holdings, the 3,200 acre Middle Moors is actually comprised of more than 30 contiguous parcels ranging from 3 to 861 acres. Although the unique plants, animals and geologic features of the Middle Moors are relatively abundant here, many of them are rare to this region of the country and even the world.

Norwood Farm

OUR NEWEST PROPERTY! At the doorstep of Altar Rock and the Middle Moors lies one of the most naturally beautiful and ecologically rich areas of the island. The rolling hills, forested uplands, fresh water ponds and vast grasslands are distinctly and unmistakably “Nantucket”.