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The Masquetuck Reservation borders West Polpis Harbor and contains a diverse collection of natural areas including grassy meadows, shoreline communities, salt marshes, freshwater bogs, shrublands, and hardwood forests.

Norwood Farm

OUR NEWEST PROPERTY! At the doorstep of Altar Rock and the Middle Moors lies one of the most naturally beautiful and ecologically rich areas of the island. The rolling hills, forested uplands, fresh water ponds and vast grasslands are distinctly and unmistakably “Nantucket”.

Squam Farm

The former home of our sheep herd and a beautiful area to walk, the rolling countryside and woodlands are reminiscent of areas in northern New England. The 210 acres of the Farm are directly contiguous with the Foundation’s 294 acre Squam Swamp property to the north.

Squam Swamp

A lush wooded area with diverse habitats, Squam Swamp consists of hardwood forests, freshwater bogs, shrub swamps, grassy meadows, and vernal pools. The 1.75 mile trail is well marked and has numbered posts keyed to our interpretive map.

Windswept Cranberry Bog

In addition to the 37 acres of organically farmed cranberry bogs, the Windswept area is also home to Stump Pond and the unique area of hardwoods surrounding it. Trails around Stump Pond wind through groves of Sassafras and Tupelo and visitors are likely to see abundant waterfowl on the pond.