Property Property Name Acres Details
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The sandy arm that comprises the northern boundary of Nantucket Harbor, the Coatue Wildlife Refuge contains over 390 acres of barrier beach that shelters the harbor from the Sound. It is home to numerous rare plants and birds as well some of the best beaches on the island.
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Eel Point

An important nesting habitat and one of the best areas on Nantucket to view shorebirds, this beautiful beach property is located on the northwest corner of the island. A combination of rolling dunes, saltwater lagoons and tidal pool make this an excellent place for both children and adults to explore.
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Head of the Plains

One of the best examples of sandplain grassland in the world, the Head of the Plains near Madaket contains 446 acres of sandplain grasslands, shrub thickets, wetlands, woodlands and one off the most beautiful beaches on the southern shore. The area is also an excellent place to see hawks and other birds of prey hunting.
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Little Neck

The Foundation’s 23-acre property at Little Neck provides an oasis of open space just outside the village of Madaket.
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Madequecham and Tom Nevers

A pastoral area with an excellent surf beach, the Foundation owns over 2,100 acres in the southeastern portion of Nantucket that contain some very unique geological features and natural communities. It was also an important settlement for early Native Americans.
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The Masquetuck Reservation borders West Polpis Harbor and contains a diverse collection of natural areas including grassy meadows, shoreline communities, salt marshes, freshwater bogs, shrublands, and hardwood forests.
7 field-station

Nantucket Field Station

One of the Foundation’s most recent acquisitions, this 110 acre parcel provides pristine examples of harbor beach, scrub thicket, freshwater ponds and salt marshes. Many native and rare wildlife species utilize the habitats for feeding and breeding.
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Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture

One of our most popular properties, these 780 acres close to town are comprised of grasslands, forests and beachfront that have a rich cultural history and provide habitat for many species of rare plants and animals. There are more than six miles of trails for visitors to enjoy and explore.