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This beach property, located on the northwest corner of the island, is an important nesting area with spectacular views north of Nantucket Sound and west over Madaket Harbor toward Tuckernuck. The approximately 100 acre property was one of the Foundation’s earliest acquisitions and remains one of our most picturesque and interesting areas. Eel Point’s shoreline ecosystem is one of the best locations on the island for seeing shorebirds. In addition to the wonderful birding opportunities there is also an excellent beach, as well as several shallow saltwater lagoons.

Eel Point is accessible via a soft sand road off of Eel Point Road. Parking is available at the end of Eel Point Road before it turns south for Warren’s Landing. Limited soft sand driving in four wheel drive vehicles is also possible, but the recommended way to explore this beautiful property is on foot.  There are no restroom facilities at Eel Point.


This exciting shoreline ecosystem is one of the best locations on the island for seeing shorebirds.  Rolling dunes create excellent hunting habitat for hawks and they are often seen aggressively hunting for a meal.  Oystercatchers, terns and plovers are often seen flying about and a look in the clear calm water will frequently show a horseshoe crab, whelk or other marine creatures.   Since this is such a popular area for shorebird nesting, caution should be used when visiting this area, particularly in the Spring months, in order to avoid disturbing the habitats.


The Everett and Connor Families in memory of Henry C. Everett and Edward F. Connor
Alfred F. Sanford III
Mr. & Mrs. Ridley Watts, Jr.


Eel Point Aerial By Greg Hinson
Eel Point-LB

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