Guided Truck Tour

A unique way to experience the Middle Moors, Safari Style! Join NCF President Cormac Collier and Director of Property Management Chris Iller for a tour through the Middle Moors. We will use the Foundation's safari vehicle to drive across the moors and see the island from several excellent vantage points.

July 8
July 15
July 22
August 5
August 12
August 19

Guided Walking tour with President Cormac Collier

Walk to Altar Rock  3.0 miles
June 29
9am - 11am

Join NCF President Cormac Collier and Interpretive Education Coordinator Neil Foley on one of the Foundation's newest trails. Enjoy the scenic 3 mile route over rolling hills, through the 400-acre open grassland known as the Serengeti, and past small side-of-the-road ponds called kettle pond with views of the Milestone Cranberry Bog, Gibbs Pond, and the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

Squam Swamp 1.4 miles
July 27
9am - 11am

Join NCF President Cormac Collier at this island favorite! Be prepared for some adventurous trails while you hear about the ecological bounty tucked in the vernal pools and Red Maple swamps of this striking forest. Uniquely shaped trees and vibrant seasonal sights await in the forests of Squam.

Guided Bike Tour
9am - 11am

Join Nantucket Conservation Foundation President Cormac Collier and Property Assistant Jim Olney on bikes as your tour some of the Foundation’s popular bike trails through the Middle Moors, Windswept, and the Cranberry Bog. Approximate distance will be about 7 miles. Space is limited, and you must bring your own bike.

July 6
August 10

Belle Cruises
9am - 11am

See Foundation owned properties from a new perspective! This excursion will be led by our Science and Stewardship staff, each of whom lends their particular expertise to the outings. These events are de-signed to be fun and informative ways to enjoy very special parts of Nantucket as well as an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to this very important group of people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to view our properties at a beautiful time of the day. Space is limited.

June 25
July 20
August 24

Thank you for attending our Milestone Partners & Friends of the Foundation Cocktail party on Thursday, July 29th. We look forward to our next get together soon!