We are very excited to have a Nantucket High School (NHS) senior, Lily Bartlett, volunteering for us approximately 8 hours per week for the entire school year as part of the School-to-Career program. This is the first time that the Foundation has mentored a student in this capacity. School-to-Career is part of a national program that brings together schools, businesses and non-profit organizations to create educational opportunities for students to connect their academics to the world of work and their future careers. The goal is to provide on-the-job experiences for students to explore potential careers, think about their future educational goals and develop workplace skills. Although Lily has only been with us since early September, she has been a very enthusiastic volunteer, a quick learner and is a welcome addition to our team!

By Lily Bartlett: I have always loved nature and the sense of peace it instills upon those in its midst. To me, there is nothing quite like being alone in the middle of an undisturbed habitat, listening to the sounds of animals as they go about their lives. My need of the environment’s serenity is what drew me to conservation and environmentalism.

I am from Nantucket, and have lived on island my whole life. Currently I am a senior at Nantucket High School and working on college applications! Although I am not sure where I want to go yet, I am looking at schools with strong environmental science programs. You may know my family from Bartlett’s Farm, even if you don’t know me; the farm has played a large roll in igniting my interest in the environment! There’s a possibility you have even seen me working there this past summer when I was not interning at the Maria Mitchell Association’s Natural Science Museum and Aquarium. If you see me around please say hi! I am often found at whaler sporting events whether I am playing (on the soccer pitch, diving board, or race sailing) or spectating (football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball).

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do a school-to-career internship with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. At NHS this program allows me to explore my interest in conservation during the school day for graduation credits. So far, I have been able to assist on research projects, including insect catching and turtle tracking, and learn skills that can assist me flowing this career path in the future. I am excited to continue to learn as I shadow people and explore the different areas of the Foundation. Being able to help out at NCF and fuel my curiosity instead of sitting in a classroom senior year is incredible; I cannot wait to see what else I do here throughout the year!

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