Land Management

The Foundation’s Science & Stewardship and Property Maintenance Departments strive to develop and implement effective management strategies to ensure that the land under our ownership is properly maintained and monitored.

Listed below are examples of some of the important land management work that we are undertaking – click on the thumbnail photograph or description below to access more information:

Project Details

Properties Maintenance

Acquiring a parcel of land to set aside as open space may seem like the final step in the process of protecting habitat – but in reality, it is just the first step.

Wildfire Risk Reduction Program

The goal of our Wildfire Risk Reduction Program is to identify land management strategies that will reduce “fuel loads” of highly flammable vegetation on Foundation properties, especially where they occur in close proximity to homes, while also complementing existing ecological and passive recreation management objectives.

Shorebird Monitoring

Each year, we monitor and protect the piping plovers, least and common terns and American oystercatchers that nest and feed on our beachfront properties in order to perpetuate populations of these rare species and comply with endangered species regulations.

Trail Restoration and Native Plant Propagation

Propagating native species for use in restoration plantings is an important component of the Foundation’s efforts to address trail and road edge erosion and disturbance related to invasive species removal on its properties.


The Foundation’s Ranger Program is an important part of the interpretation, management and oversight of our extensive conservation land holdings.

Invasive Plant Species Management

Invasive non‐native species are those which reproduce rapidly and have a tendency to displace native species when transplanted into new ecosystems. Focusing resources on detection and management of invasive species on the Foundation’s properties is an important component of its mission to “permanently conserve, maintain, and manage natural areas and habitats.”

Controlled Deer Hunt

This by-invitation-only hunt takes place on our Ram Pasture property during the second week of the Massachusetts shotgun deer hunting season and is undertaken by members of the Nantucket Hunting Association to help reduce the incidence of tick borne diseases.