As a unique benefit to membership, the Foundation invites our members to explore Foundation properties this season with staff from our Science & Stewardship Department. Select a fun and informational walk at one of the Foundation-owned destinations. On our Science for Members walks, the locations and topics discussed feature the ecological resource management and research being undertaken by the Foundation’s Science & Stewardship Department. All programs bring members into contact with the special places and rare resources they are helping to protect.

Please note that this program is reserved for up-to-date members of the Foundation. If you are not currently a member or are unsure about your membership status, you may call us at 508- 228-2884 or enroll here.

General Information for Walks

  • Due to the popularity of the program, reservations may only be made for one walk. Requests for additional walks will be wait-listed so that we may accommodate as many members as possible. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and fill up quickly.
  • Once your reservation is processed, we will send you a confirmation email. If you do not have access to e-mail, please call the Foundation’s office (508-228-2884) to submit your reservation request.
  • You will receive directions to the meeting location 24 hours before the event.
  • All Science for Members Excursions are held from 9am-11am.
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared for inclement weather.
  • Participants are also encouraged to bring water, bug repellent and sun protection.

Shorebird Walk with Libby Buck - June 15, July 9 OR August 24
Love birds? This walk is for you! Led by the Foundation’s Ecological Stewardship & Research Technician, Libby Buck, you will be guided around one of NCF’s birding hotspots, Eel Point. *Note – this walk will go through soft sand throughout the tour and can be strenuous at times. Please bring sunscreen, water, binoculars, and walking shoes that could get wet. Space is limited.

Tracking Turtles with Danielle O'Dell June 25
Where do spotted turtles live and how do we study their habitat and behavior? Spend a morning at Windswept with Danielle learning about the turtles that live in the old cranberry bogs and how we study them. You will learn how we capture and handle turtles and how to use radio telemetry equipment to track their movements throughout their habitat. We will also learn about the Windswept restoration project and how turtle habitat will be created through restoration. Space is limited.

Windswept Wildflowers & Restoration with Kelly Omand June 30
Accompany Nantucket Conservation Foundation botanist Kelly Omand on a walk through the NCF Windswept Bog property, learning about the plants inhabiting the bogs and surrounding grassy meadows, wetlands and forest. Kelly will discuss how studying the unique plant communities at the site will help define the transition of this property as we move toward restoration.

Salt Marsh Restoration & Coastal Resilience with Jen Karberg - July 23
Join Dr. Jen Karberg at our large salt marsh restoration project at Medouie Creek in Polpis Harbor. Come walk through the marsh and learn about the restoration construction and how we’ve seen the plants, water, and even wildlife change over the last decade. See our work to make this coastline more resilient. We will be tramping through the salt marsh so rubber boots or swampers are necessary. Bug spray will be provided. Space is limited.

Botany at The Barn & Ram Pasture with Kelly Omand - July 23
Join Nantucket Conservation Foundation botanist Kelly Omand for a walk through the NCF Sanford Farm/Ram Pasture property, discovering the unusual wet meadows around The Barn and descending to Ram Pasture to visit our globally rare sandplain grassland and coastal heathland habitats, with beautiful vistas of dunes, ocean, and ponds.

Windswept Bog Restoration with Karen Beattie - August 13
The Foundation is planning a watershed-level wetland restoration project at Windswept Bog following the recent decision to retire cranberry farming at this site. Join Karen Beattie, our Science and Stewardship Director, to learn about this process and how the project is unfolding as we work with our partners to determine next steps for this important conservation area. Space is limited.

Squam Forest Botany & Tree Walk with Kelly Omand— August 21
Explore the forest of Squam Swamp and Squam Farm on a botany walk with Nantucket Conservation Foundation botanist Kelly Omand to learn about the ecology of Squam’s unusual mesic forests. Visit some of Nantucket’s oldest trees and learn about how these NCF properties support a variety of wildlife and plants that require moist rich habitat, rare on Nantucket.