For the past few years, the island of Nantucket has officially recognized September as Climate Change Awareness Month – a time to explore, understand and raise awareness about how climate change is impacting our little island, 30miles out to sea. On Nantucket, the impacts of climate change seem obvious: more flooding on Easy St during storms and sunny day high tides, more erosion on our south and east shore. But not all the impacts are that obvious and public awareness of climate change dramatically falls short of scientific understanding of climate change. That short fall in knowledge falls on the researchers – we need to do a better sharing our understanding. And so we pushed for a whole month dedicated to raise broad awareness of Climate Change on Nantucket but also sharing the work that various groups are doing around the island and hope for the future.

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation is excited to launch, in partnership with other on island groups, many different ways to connect with the changing climate we see on Nantucket. Please join us at one or all of these events and learn something new about our special island!

Nantucket Island Climate Change Awareness Symposium (Inaugural Year!)

Join the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Linda Loring Nature Foundation for our inaugural symposium, a series of talks exploring what we know about climate change on Nantucket and what our local researchers are working. Talks are FREE and Open to everyone. Thursdays in September 5:30-6:30pm

Climate Change Awareness Walks

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Neil Foley leading an Educational Walk

Join NCF’s Neil Foley and Dr. Jen Karberg on a walk through the UMASS Field Station to visualize how sea level rise and climate change are impacting natural areas on Nantucket. Using the salt marshes, wetlands, barrier beaches and uplands of the Field Station, they will guide you through the current climate change impacts and the benefits these natural areas provide to buffer Nantucket Island.

You have two chances to join us! Visit the Foundation website to register as these walks will fast!

Friday September 9th 8:30 -10:30am

Saturday September 10th 8:30 – 10:30am

Jen teaching coastal ecology on the beach

Join our Community Book Club in partnership with ReMain Nantucket

This Book Club meeting is the first of many more designed to build community around environmental discussions relevant to Nantucket. For this first reading, we chose a fiction book centered on the climate change debate that should be an entertaining and informative read. Please join us!

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation is a private, non-profit land trust that depends on contributions from our members to support our science projects, conservation property acquisitions and land management efforts. If you are not already a member, please join us now!