Wildlife Crossing and Turtle News

June 4, 2019 / Comments Off on Wildlife Crossing and Turtle News

As if we all needed another reason and reminder to slow down a little bit, warmer weather has arrived finally and June is high time for turtles to start moving…

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Weird Winter Wildlife

February 1, 2019 / Comments Off on Weird Winter Wildlife

This winter, there have been several unusual winter wildlife sightings on Nantucket. Most of these sightings are of creatures that ought to have migrated well south of us by now.…

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Sending out the Bat Signal

December 17, 2018 / Comments Off on Sending out the Bat Signal

Since the discovery of a population of Northern long-eared bats on Nantucket in 2015, the Foundation’s Science and Stewardship Department has been working hard to understand how these bats use…

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Eastern Box Turtle Update

October 26, 2018 / Comments Off on Eastern Box Turtle Update

A few weeks ago, we reported on a male box turtle that was found on Nantucket. We wanted to give a little history on this turtle as well as an update on…

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Fun Fall Sightings!

October 11, 2018 / Comments Off on Fun Fall Sightings!

Today was an exciting day for us here at the Nantucket Conservation Foundation! We were reunited with an old friend. In the summer of 2009, we received two separate reports…

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Bat Hibernation on Nantucket?

December 15, 2017 /

In 2015, to the great surprise and delight of the conservation community, we were able to add another species to the Island’s list of mammals – we confirmed the presence…

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Showy Insects and Spiders of Autumn

December 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Showy Insects and Spiders of Autumn

*Note: this article was originally written in September 2017 and printed in the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror in the November 30, 2017 issue Fall is finally here. The air is…

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Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative: Understanding Nantucket’s Unique Biodiversity

August 29, 2017 / Comments Off on Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative: Understanding Nantucket’s Unique Biodiversity

While island’s various conservation organizations each have a slightly different niche, one commonality is that they each have science-minded folks on staff with a great diversity of talents and an…

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Northern Long-eared Bat Alive, Well and Hibernating on Nantucket!

December 6, 2016 /

*Please note, this blog post was originally published in The Inquirer and Mirror on December 1st, 2016  in the article series called Island Ecology. The Foundation’s Science staff will be…

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Northern long-eared bats call Nantucket home!

September 12, 2016 /

The Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative (NBI) is a collaboration of scientists from local conservation organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. One of our main goals is to support and facilitate biodiversity…

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