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The 2016 Mornings for Members program is now complete.  We will be publishing a schedule for 2017 in May.

The Foundation offers guided walking tours of its properties during the spring, summer and fall months to current members.  The traditional Morning for Members walks are usually in the 2-3 mile range and include in-depth information on the property’s habitats, wildlife and, if applicable, any research that the Foundation’s scientists are conducting in the area.  Rantum Scoots are typically longer (in the 3-4 mile range) and, while information about the property is given, the walks tend to be faster paced.  All walks take place from 8:30 – 10:30 am.

Please note that this program is reserved for active members of the Foundation. If you are not currently a member or are unsure about your membership status, you may call us at 508- 228-2884 or enroll here.

Mornings for Members

The Mornings for Members guided walks are one of the most popular ways for Foundation members to experience the properties that they help to preserve and protect. Held primarily during the summer, the Morning for Members walks showcase a variety of conservation lands throughout the Island and are designed to explore a wide range of ecological, geological and historic features.

In addition to learning about the characteristics of the different properties, participants will also learn about the Foundation’s ongoing research projects and conservation efforts.  Each walk has its own particular charm and is a fun way for members to meet and share their common interest to preserve Nantucket’s pristine open spaces.

The Mornings for Members program is led by Allen Reinhard, assisted by the staff of the Foundation’s Science & Stewardship department. Allen has lived on Island and served as the Foundation’s Middle Moors Ranger for 20 years. He has a wealth of knowledge about the geology and history of Foundation properties. At least one Foundation scientist accompanies Allen on each outing to add expert, detailed information about the unique, and often rare, flora and fauna that live on Nantucket.

Rantum Scoots

A Rantum (not random) Scoot is an old Nantucket expression for “a pleasant journey with no objective other than pure enjoyment.”  This year we are offering three Rantum Scoots on our properties. These walks differ from the traditional Mornings for Members outings in that they are designed for longer, uninterrupted excursions.  The primary goal of the series is to introduce people to new and different walking trails on Foundation properties throughout the Island.  Members of our Science and Stewardship department will host the walks and be on-hand to answer questions along the route but the intent is more for continuous walking and exercise.  The trails will be easily navigable to encourage people to come back and use on their own. While they will range in length and difficulty they will generally be in the 3-4 mile range over moderately difficult terrain.

General Information for Walks and Scoots

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