Daniel Sutherland

Daniel Sutherland is an established fine art photographer working in the landscape tradition. Living on Nantucket for the past 30 years has enabled a patient, in-depth survey of an environment so highly regarded that The Nature Conservancy has included the island in its list of Forty Last Great Places. Working with medium and large format cameras has facilitated thoughtful engagement with an ever-changing landscape sculpted by the sea and salt-laden winds, unimpeded by topographical elevation.

Sutherland delights in the playful boundary between representation and abstraction, often revealing distilled references in otherwise descriptive forms though reduction and simplification of elements found in the environment. Daniel approaches his subject on an intimate scale that invites engagement on a personal level. Large scale prints convey this intimacy with impact. “I strive for a sense of transcendence in the representational; to elucidate unique experiences of time and place, illuminating moments that reveal openings through which one may pass renewed, edified.”  The Sea has become an increasingly strong presence in his portfolio. “The ephemeral nature of the oceanic environment is both challenging and an inspiration for me.”

As a beneficiary of Nantucket's exemplary tradition of conservation, Sutherland has forged a long-standing relationship with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, the island's largest land conservation organization. “It has been my pleasure to serve the NCF for the past 3 decades helping them articulate the need for continued vigilance in the critical task of land preservation and management.”

His work has found its way into many collections across the United States and Europe.

His work can be viewed on the link below:
– www.sutherlandphotos.com

Eleanor Hallewell

Eleanor Hallewell first came to Nantucket in 2002 and immediately fell in love with the island. In the years that followed, she continued to visit as much as possible. Upon receiving her graduate degree from Columbia University in 2008, she promptly packed up her bags to travel the world, spending 10 months backpacking and photographing India, Southeast Asia & Australia. In 2010, looking for a quieter place to call home, she returned to Nantucket almost full time. A deep appreciation for Nantucket's simplicity and raw beauty are what continually brought Eleanor back to the island, and in 2018, she declared herself a full-time resident.

During her time spent on Nantucket over these years, her love of photography and the island grew congruently. With these two passions came the idea for Capture Nantucket, a photo tour company that enables visitors the chance to capture the beauty of the island, while developing their own photography skills.  Along with sharing her love of the island with others, she enjoys the opportunity to capture special moments, whether that's as simple as sunset in Madaket or a family portrait at Tupancy Links. She is a strong supporter of the mission of NCF and works as a freelance photographer, photographing events and special occasions for the Foundation.

Her work can be viewed on the links below:

Neil Foley

Neil Foley is our Interpretive Education Coordinator & Ecologist who often takes the active role of staff photographer and videographer for many of our in-the-field activities and ongoing research. His background in field ecology allows him to capture images that increase appreciation of the species who share the island with us and to intimately document the process of studying and managing habitat across our 9009 acres of conservation land.

In addition to Daniel Sutherland & Eleanor Hallewell, we would like to thank the following people who very generously donated the use of their images for this site:

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