Who Is The Nantucket Conservation Foundation?

We Are…

  • Stewards
  • Scientists
  • Educators
  • Rangers

The wide open vistas and cranberry colored property signs are easily recognizable. The ability to go for a hike and often not see another person or sign of civilization is an important part of people’s Nantucket experience. Visitors often admire pristine beachscapes and wonder why development hasn’t encroached on those precious parcels…

While most people are familiar with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation the scope of the work that we do is often overlooked. In addition to being the Island’s largest landowner, the Foundation conducts important scientific research on our fragile ecosystems, provides environmental educational opportunities and maintains over nine thousand acres of land without a single taxpayer dollar. Over twenty-five employees work diligently to help preserve Nantucket’s natural habitats for residents, visitors and the long term well-being of the Island.

Stewardship – Caring for 9,009 acres in over 200 distinct parcels from ‘Sconset to Eel Point, from Low Beach to Coatue requires countless hours from hard-working crews.

Science – Our year round staff conducts focused research on the various island habitats to help us further understand Nantucket’s rare ecosystems and to provide information for our property management plans.

Educators – With numerous educational programs geared toward a variety of different ages and interests, our staff takes great pride in teaching people about the unique and interesting features of our properties.

Rangers – Providing for the safety and well-being of the environment, our abutting neighbors and the visitors who enjoy our open spaces is the duty of our rangers that patrol our properties.

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation is an organization of members, friends and benefactors dedicated to preserving the open spaces and natural habitats of the island through conservation and active land management.