More than 75% of all of the Foundation’s property was donated by the following individuals whose generosity in protecting these open spaces has significantly contributed to maintaining the beauty and quality of life that is experienced on Nantucket today.

Property Number Property Location Donor Area in Acres Neighborhood
1North Beach StreetNorth Beach Street0.9Town
2MadaketSteven K. Herlitz0.4Smith Point
3CoatueThe Heirs of Marie M. Abbott178.1Coatue
4Eel PointThe Everett and Connor Families in memory of Henry C. Everett and Edward F. Connor109.0Eel Point
5Middle MoorsTabitha T. Krauthoff in memory of her father, Paul N. Turner278.2Middle Moors
6Little NeckWalter Beinecke, Jr. and Mary Ann Beinecke23.1Little Neck
7Middle MoorsH. Jerome Ayers, Abby A. Ayers, and Alicia Heller12.0Middle Moors
8Middle MoorsRoy E. Larsen70.0Middle Moors
9South PastureMargaret Z. and Roy E. Larsen513.0South Pasture
10Eel PointAlfred F. Sanford III7.9Eel Point
11CiscoWalter Beinecke, Jr., Roy E. Larsen, and Ruth J. C. Bartam (with the consent on the donors, this 36.7 acre property was conveyed to the Nantucket Islands Land Bank Commission in 2000)Smooth Hummocks
12Milestone Cranberry BogWalter Beinecke, Jr., The Larsen Fund, and the Nantucket Ornithological Association737.0Milestone Cranberry Bog
13Tom NeversWalter Beinecke, Jr., The Larsen Fund, and the Nantucket Ornithological Association322.0Tom Nevers
14Head of the PlainsAnne W. Sanford and Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Low211.0Head of the Plains
15Milestone Road (Conservation Restriction)Dr. David B. Voorhees7.4South Pasture
16Tom Nevers PondWilliam V. Lawrence3.5Tom Nevers
17Head of the PlainsJames M. and Louise Joan Andrew24.4Head of the Plains
18West Chester StreetMr. & Mrs. Edward Rotan3.1Cliff Road
19CiscoHugh W. Sanford, Jr., Alfred F. Sanford II, Katherine Sanford Deutsch, Cornelius C. Bond, Cornelius C. Bond, Jr., Jackson S. Bond, Sanford Bond, and Margaret Bond McMath9.2Smooth Hummocks
20Cliff RoadDr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Gumport3.9Cliff Road
21Brant PointMrs. William H. Claflin and Mrs. W.S. Archibald, Jr.4.8Town
22Squam PondThe Estate of Annette Evans5.8Squam
23Ram Pasture and The WoodsPurchased by NCF515.3Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture
24Ram Pasture and The WoodsMr. & Mrs. Robert D. Congdon and Dr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Menges118.7Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture
25Capaum PondGilbert Verney13.6Capaum Pond
26Middle MoorsMr. & Mrs. Timothy King9.8Middle Moors
27Eel Point EastAlfred F. Sanford III4.1Eel Point
28CiscoEdith A. Gifford3.0Smooth Hummocks
29Head of the PlainsMr. & Mrs. Fred Gardner, Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mooney, and Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Mueller57.1Head of the Plains
31South PastureAlfred F. Sanford II, Hugh W. Sanford, Jr., and George A. Fowlkes417.1South Pasture
32CoatueMrs. William B.H. Sawyer47.1Coatue
33CiscoMr. & Mrs. Norman L. Olsen1.3Smooth Hummocks
34CiscoBenjamin Sharp Richmond1.4Smooth Hummocks
35Milestone RoadAlbert M. Lewis in memory of Charles Lewis (gift of undivided 50% interest with remaining title purched by NCF)7.0Milestone Road
36Warren's LandingMr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Haffenreffer2.2Warren's Landing
37Middle MoorsPurchased by NCF310.1Middle Moors
38Polpis HarborMr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Grossman (with the consent on the donors, this 0.2 acre property was conveyed to the Town of Nantucket)
39Milestone RoadMr. & Mrs. Alton E. Peters in memory of Judge Joseph Rosch
40CoatueMr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Craig, Jr. and Amy Ann C. Doran20.0Coatue
41CoatueMr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Craig, Jr. and Amy Ann C. Doran13.3Coatue
42South PastureMr. & Mrs. Albert G. Brock and Dr. & Mrs. Fred L. Chase64.0South Pasture
43Smooth HummocksMr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Wight2.3Smooth Hummocks
44SurfsideRobert McK. Thomas, Jr.1.1Surfside
45CoatueMr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Moore, Mrs. Sheron C. Lowe, Mrs. Hayden C. Hurley, and Mr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Craig, Jr.20.0Coatue
46Four Sheep CommonsPurchased by NCF
47MadaketCynthia T. Twining0.2Smith Point
48Middle MoorsMr. & Mrs. J. Seward Johnson, Jr.52.1Middle Moors
49One Sheep CommonFranklin F. Webster
50Gosnold RoadJames M. & Louise Joan Andrews2.9Cliff Road
51Saul's Hills (Conservation Restriction)Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Page (title subsequently purchased by NCF)3.0Middle Moors
52Saul's HillsPurchased by NCF73.9Middle Moors
53Pest House PondShimmo Association, Inc.3.6Shimmo
55Head of the PlainsAlice Cary Williams3.5Head of the Plains
56Madequecham ValleyPurchased by NCF108.7South Pasture
57West Chester StreetNantucket Historical Trust3.0West Chester Street
58Hither CreekThomas E. and Constance Drake13.8Warren's Landing
59Cliff Road (Conservation Restriction & Fee Interest)Mr. & Mrs. Oswald Tupancy (title to this parcel was a bequest from Mr. Tupancy)6.6Cliff Road
60Middle MoorsMr. & Mrs. Lawrence Richardson, Jr.19.1Middle Moors
61Middle MoorsTabitha T. Krauthoff in memory of her father, Paul N. Turner323.4Middle Moors
62The CreeksGeorge Barrett, Elizabeth Diotte, Priscilla C. Mayhew, Henry Coleman, and Rozelle Jones2.0The Creeks
63Head of the PlainsDr. Neal Nathanson and Dr. Constance A. Nathanson11.5Head of the Plains
64Brant PointTheodore L. Cross0.3Town
65ShawkemoMr. & Mrs. Stewart MacDougall3.8Shawkemo
66Trot's HillsMrs. Richard Wengren5.1Trot's Hills
67Orange StreetMr. & Mrs. Edward E. Backus, Sr.0.1Town
68The CreeksRichard S. Lovelace, Clarence S. Lovelace, and Caroline L. Brown5.8The Creeks
69Milestone RoadNantucket Beach Properties, Inc.7.8Tom Nevers
70Milestone Road (Conservation Restriction)Nantucket Beach Properties, Inc.1.9Tom Nevers
71Middle MoorsMrs. Burr P. Wilson6.8Middle Moors
72Pocomo Meadows & Medouie Marsh (Conservation Restriction and Fee Interest)Theodore L. Cross, E. William Henry, Mr. & Mrs. John P. Horgan, Mr. & Mrs. Arnold H. Vollmer, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Weld, John R. Wierdsma, Eulie H. Wierdsma, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Childs, A. Bliss McCrum, Jr. and Mr. & Mrs. Donal C. O'Brien, Jr. (undivided 73% interest)189.0Medouie Creek
73Quidnet RoadDr. Edward B. Swain and Nancy M. Swain (undivided 10% interest)12.8Squam
75Madaket RoadB.F.D. Runk1.0Madaket Road
76CoatueElizabeth Sharp de Sieyes in memory of Benjamin Karl Sharp; Mr. Randolph Sharp (undivided 77% interest)12.6Coatue
77CoatueMr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Craig, Jr. and Amy Ann C. Doran30.0Coatue
78Medouie MarshTheodore L. Cross8.7Medouie Creek
79QuaiseMr. & Mrs. C. Harold Taylor10.0Quaise
80Squam SwampWalter H. Sangree and Mary L. Sangree (gift of undivided 30% interest with remaining title purchased by NCF)29.8Squam
81CiscoCharles A. Ernst, Jr., Russel J. Fosbinder, and Louise Ernst Glass3.7Smooth Hummocks
82Pest House PondMrs. I. H. Burnside1.0Shimmo
83Head of the PlainsRobert B. Clark4.5Head of the Plains
84Head of the PlainsRobert B. Clark and Steven K. Herlitz22.9Head of the Plains
85Tom NeversAnn B. Oliver3.5Tom Nevers
86Medouie MarshTheodore B. Cross4.2Medouie Creek
87Tom NeversCaroline B. Pauley, Peter S. Pauley, H. Williamson Ghriskey, Jackson S. Bond, and Dr. James W. Wall43.7Tom Nevers
88Tom NeversPurchased by NCF and gifts of Lucy Fowlkes Breed and Mr. & Mrs. Allen P. Mills67.9Tom Nevers
89Head of the PlainsTheodore L. Cross16.0Head of the Plains
90Madequecham ValleyPurchased by NCF67.2South Pasture
91Larsen ParkThe Larsen Fund0.1Siasconset
92Long PondThe Rev. John U. Harris3.1Head of the Plains
93Head of the PlainsRobert B. Clark23.0Head of the Plains
94Cliff RoadOswald A. Tupancy4.5Cliff Road
95ShawkemoJonathan Z. Larsen and Katherine W. Larsen9.9Shawkemo
96Tom NeversMr. & Mrs. Sherwood W. Smith18.1Tom Nevers
97ShawkemoAmos B. Hostetter, Jr.13.7Shawkemo
98Low Beach/Tom Nevers/Head of the PlainsAnn B. Oliver10.7Tom Nevers
99PocomoMerlin E. Nelson8.3Pocomo
100Warren's LandingMr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Haffenreffer8.6Warren's Landing
101QuaiseMr. & Mrs. C. Harold Taylor7.2Quaise
102Windswept Cranberry BogA purchase by NCF made possible in part by a bequest from Eleanor Ham205.6Windswept Cranberry Bog
103Polpis RoadMrs. Wayne F. Holmes8.0Windswept Cranberry Bog
104Pocomo RoadMr. & Mrs. Donald H. Robinson12.2Pocomo
105Larsen-Sanford CenterPurchased by NCF1.1Cliff Road Area
106CoatueBequest of Laurence K. Marshall16.7Coatue
107MonomoyJohn L. Lyman4.9Shimmo
108CiscoElizabeth Lloyd Carter, Anne R. Ferguson, Janet R. McIntyre, Katherine W. Petrie, H. Ward Reighley, and William A. Wiedersheim2.8Smooth Hummocks
109Head of the PlainsRobert B. Clark13.9Head of the Plains
110Tom NeversMr. & Mrs. William B. Coolidge0.2Tom Nevers
111CoatueMr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Grossman10.0Coatue
112Cliff Road/The Tupancy LinksMr. & Mrs. Oswald A. Tupancy62.2Cliff Road
113Sturgis PinesBarbara Beinecke10.0Sturgis Pines
114Head of the PlainsMr. & Mrs. Frank H. Low7.5Head of the Plains
115ShimmoCharles J. Webb II2.4Shimmo
116Head of the PlainsTheodore L. Cross18.7Head of the Plains
117Madequecham ValleyJanet R. McIntyre, H. Ward Reighley, Ann R. Ferguson, Barbara A. Ferguson, Elizabeth R. Ferguson, and G. Neil Ferguson164.7South Pasture
118MiacometWalter Beinecke, Jr. Family (with the consent on the donors, this 7.5 acre property was conveyed to the Nantucket Islands Land Bank Commission)
119ShawkemoLouise S. Lehrman7.3Shawkemo
120Madaket RoadPurchased by NCF36.9Madaket Road
121Madequecham ValleyPurchased by NCF91.7South Pastures
122Polpis HarborMedouie Creek Association1.4Medouie Creek
123MadaketMr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Murray0.2Smith Point
124Warren's LandingPurchased by NCF0.6Warren's Landing
126Head of the PlainsTheodore L. Cross14.9Head of the Plains
127Polpis RoadMr. & Mrs. Donald R. F. Harleman1.2Shawkemo
128Head of the PlainsRobert S. Landauer, Jr.2.1Head of the Plains
129Eel PointMr. & Mrs. Ridley Watts, Jr.2.3Eel Point
130ShawkemoBequests of Dorothy Rawson and Marion Rawson with the gift of a life estate by Edward Rawson6.7Shawkemo
131ShawkemoJonathan Z. Larsen, Katherine W. Larsen, Amos B. Hostetter, Jr., and Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gifford3.8Shawkemo
132MadaketMr. & Mrs. Franklin Bartlett0.5Smith Point
133Windswept Cranberry BogJames H. Evans16.8Windswept Cranberry Bog
134CoatueAmy Ann C. Doran6.8Coatue
135Squam SwampPurchased by NCF with special support from the residents of Wauwinet, Squam, and Pocomo291.7Squam
136Madaket RoadJames G. Robinson24.1Madaket Road
137Milestone RoadHoward M. Jelleme, Lydle L. Rickard, John J. Shugrue, and Richard S. Sylvia3.2Milestone Road
138Saul's HillsPurchased by NCF3.0Middle Moors
139Middle MoorsLeeds Mitchell, Jr.4.4Middle Moors
140Windswept Cranberry BogDay Family Trust7.6Windswept Cranberry Bog
141Ram PastureNorwood Farm Trust18.1Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture
142Middle MoorsA purchase by NCF made possible by a gift from Mrs. Alfred S. Mills given in loving memory of her husband31.6Middle Moors
143Hither CreekThomas E. Drake11.2Warren's Landing
144Middle MoorsOpen Land Fund, Inc.Middle Moors
145Pocomo RoadMr. & Mrs. E. V. Huggins3.1Pocomo
146Madaket Road/The Sanford FarmPurchased by NCF133.5Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture
147CoatueMr. & Mrs. Richard F. Kozar0.1Coatue
148Head of Hummock PondMr. & Mrs. David Halberstam1.8Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture
149ShawkemoE. Elaine Gifford, John F. Gifford, Amos B. Hostetter, Jr., and Jonathan Z. Larsen1.8Shawkemo
150Middle MoorsLester R. Giegerich, Marsha G. Torkelson, and Brenda K. Giegerich17.5Middle Moors
151Middle MoorsMargaret Z. Larsen2.8Middle Moors
152SquamMr. & Mrs. Albin C. Koch4.6Squam
153CoatuePurchased by NCF14.4Coatue
154CoatuePurchased by NCF14.4Coatue
155Altar RockPurchased by NCF18.4Middle Moors
156Smooth HummocksE. Garret Bewkes, Jr.1.9Smooth Hummocks
157Grove LaneMr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hallowell, Jr.2.2Cliff Road
158Middle MoorsPurchased by NCF269.0Middle Moors
159Wauwinet GatehouseStephen A. Lindsay and Peter B. Seaman0.2Wauwinet
160CoatueAmy Ann C. Doran8.3Coatue
161Middle MoorsPurchased by NCFMiddle Moors
162Middle MoorsA purchase by NCF made possible in part by a bequest from Scott Maclain34.0Middle Moors
163Squam SwampPurchased by NCF7.5Squam
164Windswept Cranberry BogBargain sale from Rosemary Hall Evans3.2Windswept Cranberry Bog
165ShawkemoMr. & Mrs. John F. Gifford16.8Shawkemo
166Milestone RoadNantucket Beach Properties, Inc.11.7Tom Nevers
167Toupchue ValleyPurchased by NCF9.0South Pasture
168CoatueMrs. Denny Doran and Mrs. Jamie Cleary2.8Coatue
169QuaisePurchased by NCF and a gift of Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Jay13.8Quaise
170Washing Pond Road (Conservation RestrictionEstate of Oswald A. TupancyCliff Road
171Middle MoorsMr. & Mrs. Lester R. Giegerich, Marsha G. Torkelson, and Brenda K. Giegerich17.7Middle Moors
172Middle MoorsMr. & Mrs. Lester R. Giegerich, Marsha G. Torkelson, and Brenda K. Giegerich3.5Middle Moors
173South PasturesRachel L. Mellon60.0South Pastures
174The HauloverPurchased by NCF and gifts of Linda T. Sziklas and Lisa W. Sziklas104.2The Haulover
175Head of the PlainsPurchased by NCF12.0Head Of the Plains
176Squam SwampPurchased by NCF6.5Squam
177Warren's LandingA memorial to Rosemarie Dileo Landauer from her family8.2Warren's Landing
178North Pasture LaneRichard A. Beckwith, Richard W. Herbst, and Robert E. Mercer0.7Middle Moors
180Polpis Road/LeedsmoorLeeds Mitchell, Jr. and Juliet W. Bischoff16.8Leedsmoor
181Middle MoorsPurchased by NCF and a gift of Conantum Trust35.5Middle Moors
182Madaket RoadPurchased by NCF16.3Madaket Road
183Polpis RoadPurchased by NCF3.9Middle Moors
184ShawkemoJonathan Z. Larsen4.7Shawkemo
185Polpis RoadPurchased by NCF7.0Middle Moors
186Ram's HeadPurchased by NCF12.3Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture
187South PasturePurchased by NCF26.0South Pasture
188Squam Farm (Conservation Restriction)Gloria J. Grimshaw (this 9.4 acre property is included in No. 202)Squam
189Anonymous gift subject to reserved life estates4.2Squam
190Smooth HummocksBequest of Leila Laughlin McKnight20.1Smooth Hummocks
191Middle MoorsMaria Mitchell Association8.9Middle Moors
192Polpis RoadPurchased by NCF3.1Polpis
193CoatuePurchased by NCF0.8Coatue
194SquamMr. and Mrs. Alban C. Koch5.9Squam
195Trots HillsPurchased by NCF1.9Trots Hills
196CoatuePurchased by NCF with the special cooperation & kindness of George E. Andrews, Barbara P. Andrews and Edith F. Andrews10.6Coatue
197ShawkemoMr. and Mrs. John H. Davis30.3Shawkemo
198Milestone RoadPurchased by NCF with funds received from the Nantucket Green Fund, the estate of Esther U. Gibbs, the Nantucket Garden Club, the Nantucket High School Class of 1998, the Allegheny Foundation and an anonymous island resident3.4Milestone
199Andrews Long WatersPurchased by NCF in partnership with the Nantucket Land Council, Inc.;made possible in part by a grant from the Jane Carlee Charitable Trust12.5Squam
200Tom NeversJeffrey Kaschuluk20.8Tom Nevers
201North AvenueMr. and Mrs. Carl S. Gewirz0.4
202Squam FarmPurchased by NCF; includes the fee interest in the restricted property listed as No. 18850.2Squam Farm
203Tom NeversBequest of Susan H. Timken; an additional 7.9 acres were received and, with the consent of the estate, conveyed to the Nantucket Islands Land Bank31.3Tom Nevers
204Squam FarmNantucket Land Council, Inc.0.5Squam
205Tom NeversSandpiper Close Real Estate Trust (with the consent of the donors, this 30.1 acres property was conveyed to the Nantucket Islands Land Bank in 2005)Tom Nevers
206Moor End Farm (Agricultural Preservation Restriction)Purchased by the NCF; the fee was purchased by the Nantucket Islands Land Bank with assistance from NCF (no access)12.9Shawkemo
207Gosnold RoadPurchased by NCF1.1Cliff Road
208Squam FarmNantucket Land Council, Inc.90.3Squam
209Squam FarmPurchased by NCF from the Nantucket Land Council, Inc.17.0Squam
210University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field StationPurchased by NCF110.0Polpis
211Polpis RoadPurchased by NCF and a gift from the Norwood Farm Trust13.2Polpis
212South PastureRachel L. Mellon47.3Madequecham
213Norwood FarmPurchased by NCF131.4Middle Moors
214Norwood Farm (additional parcel)Purchased by NCF12.5Middle Moors
215Coatue Ranger CabinGift from The Craig Sisters3.0Coatue
216ShawkemoGift from David Rosenzweig2.75Shawkemo
217QuidnetGift from Robert Landreth0.46Quidnet
218ShawkemoPurchase from David Rosenzweig8.0Shawkemo