Since 1963, the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, a membership supported, nonprofit conservation organization, has strived to permanently protect many important and beautiful areas of the Island for the enjoyment and education of residents, visitors, and future generations. Much of the natural open areas that we associate with Nantucket today shall remain protected in perpetuity because of the Foundation’s efforts.

Our History

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation was created with the understanding that the best way to protect land is to own it. Beginning with an initial donation of less than one acre, we have since become the most successful land conservation and protection effort on Nantucket. Beaches, hardwood forests, dunes, shrublands, bogs, heathlands, marshes, grasslands, meadows, and ponds make up our holdings, representing over thirty percent of the Island’s total land area. The Foundation’s dedicated members, Board of Trustees, and professional staff have worked diligently to make our organization what it is today: the Island’s largest landowner, responsible for protecting over 9,000 acres of distinctive natural areas from development.

Quiet Preservation – A celebration of the Foundation’s 40th Anniversary was published by the magazine Nantucket Today in July 2003. This wonderful article by Terry Pommett gives a brief history of the organization along with some beautiful photographs of several properties and our founding members (reprinted with permission from the July 2003 issue of Nantucket Today).


The Nantucket Conservation Foundation was founded in 1963 because of the generosity and foresight of the following individuals:

Historical Notes: