About Us

Conserving and maintaining Nantucket's natural habitats — since 1963.

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation assists in the preservation of Nantucket’s character by permanently maintaining and managing natural areas and habitats and encourages an appreciation of the Island’s natural resources.

The mission of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation is to assist in the preservation of Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and managing natural areas and habitats and to encourage an appreciation of and interest in the Island’s natural resources.

Maintaining the natural beauty of Nantucket’s environment requires careful planning, continuing public education and vigilant ongoing action. The Foundation currently owns many important tracts of land that, had they been developed, would have significantly altered the rural character and natural beauty of the Island as we know it today. These areas are currently used and enjoyed by the public for education and passive recreation purposes.

Preserve – We preserve open space through the acquisition of undeveloped land to protect the Island’s fragile habitats and to keep land available for public use.

Protect – We work diligently to protect our land holdings from natural and man-made threats through constant monitoring of our properties to ensure they are maintained to the highest standards possible.

Plan – A dedicated staff of research scientists is employed year round to study the unique ecosystems and how to best take care of them.

Provide year round access to thousands of acres of open space at no charge to the public. We also provide individuals, school groups, research organizations, etc. access to our properties for educational purposes.

Partner – We work with other island conservation groups to achieve the greatest good for Nantucket through a spirit of cooperation to preserve open spaces for future generations.

Our Main Priorities