Pollinator Week Showcase

June 27, 2020 / Comments Off on Pollinator Week Showcase

We are rounding out Pollinator Week, and what a week it has been! June is always an incredibly busy month here at NCF with field work keeping us moving in…

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Meet the New Coatue Ranger

June 17, 2020 / Comments Off on Meet the New Coatue Ranger

This year, everyone’s favorite dream job on island went to an enthusiastic young ecologist, Rachel Brubaker! Hear her tell the story that brought her here this season. By Rachel Brubaker…

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Feeling ‘Crabby’ After Dark?

June 12, 2020 / Comments Off on Feeling ‘Crabby’ After Dark?

Moonlight, warm waters, and high tides are the perfect conditions to bring in the one of the most mysterious marine animals to Nantucket shores. In late May through June, horseshoe…

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Got Jumping Worms???

June 5, 2020 / Comments Off on Got Jumping Worms???

When most people think of earthworms, they probably picture them tunneling through compost or garden soil, turning old banana peels and yard waste into rich, dark soil. One such species…

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