Preserving the Island for Everyone

Preserving Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and
managing natural areas and habitats.

What's Happening

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It’s Surreal to Be an Eel on Nantucket!

Click here to sign up for the Nantucket Eel Project! If someone came to your town for the first time, what would you want them to know? For Tisquantum, commonly...
Daffodils On The Eroding Bluff Hummock Pond

Springtime at the Nantucket Conservation Foundation

Spring has officially arrived on Nantucket and with the warming weather comes more ways to enjoy the trails and properties all across the island! From bike rides, family walks, dog...
Windswept Bog

Windswept Cranberry Bog Restoration Project Awarded $1 Million USFWS Grant

The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Ecological Restoration (DER), in partnership with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, has been awarded $1 million from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife...