Preserving the Island for Everyone

Preserving Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and
managing natural areas and habitats.

What's Happening


Record Breaking Year for the Race for Open Space

NCF’s 2024 Race for Open Space went off without a hitch last Saturday with a record-breaking 686 participants! These participants came from all over the year-round and seasonal island communities...

A Recent Eggs-pedition: Navigating Nests in the Colonial Waterbird Survey

What is the Colonial Waterbird Survey? The Colonial Waterbird Survey is a statewide survey facilitated every 5 years by the State of Massachusetts. The last survey was done on island...
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It’s Surreal to Be an Eel on Nantucket!

Click here to sign up for the Nantucket Eel Project! If someone came to your town for the first time, what would you want them to know? For Tisquantum, commonly...