Preserving the Island for Everyone

Preserving Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and
managing natural areas and habitats.

What's Happening

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Winter Botany: Sneaky Photosynthesis

Scrub oaks draped with gray-green lichens that are taking the opportunity to photosynthesize after a heavy rain. Photo: K.A. Omand One of the complaints people make during winter and early...
Monarch On Sol Sem

Survival Strategies for Wildlife in Winter

With Nantucket’s first real stretch of cold this winter and even some recent snow fall, it leads one to wonder about how wildlife survive constant exposure to wicked coastal New...

Freshwater Wetlands Breathe Life Around the Island

By Dr Jen Karberg, Research Program Supervisor 30 miles off the mainland, anchored in the Atlantic Ocean, Nantucketer's know better than many how water shapes our natural world. Wetlands are...