Preserving the Island for Everyone

Preserving Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and
managing natural areas and habitats.

What's Happening

Northern long-eared Bat with wing band on Nantucket. Photo credit: Danielle O'Dell

Autumn Lore and International Bat Week

Autumn Lore by Kathleen Jenks Artwork by Teagan White As autumn returns to earth’s northern hemisphere, and day and night are briefly, but perfectly, balanced at the equinox, may we...
Libby Buck Banding Lincoln Sparrow 101321 IMG E2643

There’s a New Banding Station in Town!

Nantucket Conservation Foundation has begun a new and exciting project. We have created and opened our own bird banding station! There are many bird banding stations all over the world,...
Office Entrance 2021 Final

Going Wild in Our Landscape: Season 2

Removing non-native and invasive shrubs and replacing with a variety of natives, increasing the number of native plant species in this area from 2 to 15. Photos: K. Beattie (before)...