Preserving the Island for Everyone

Preserving Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and
managing natural areas and habitats.

What's Happening

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What’s in Your Pond?

Native pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata) shows off its purple flowers and lush green foliage along the shore of Capaum Pond. Photo credit: K.A. Omand. The answer to that question might surprise...
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Wildlife Crossing and Turtle News

As if we all needed another reason and reminder to slow down a little bit, warmer weather has arrived finally and June is high time for turtles to start moving...
Ebird Nantucket Map

Calling All Birders: We Need Your Help!

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation currently owns and maintains nearly one third of Nantucket’s open space. We know there are many birding hotpots within those 9,006 acres and we want to...